Service: Energy and Utility Cost Reduction

Today’s escalating energy costs make reevaluating and optimizing energy and utility costs a business necessity. Paladin energy experts help analyze, evaluate, and optimize your energy usage and tariffs/rates to make sure you are being billed on the best available basis. We work with clients on initial assessments with no upfront cost. From there we help negotiate, implement and monitor identified rate changes. We get paid only when the rate changes are realized.

The Energy and Utility Cost Reduction team assists Clients in the following areas:

Utility Spend Analysis

Determine Opportunity for Refunds

  • Verify Correctly Applied Rate Schedule
  • Identify and Document Utility Overcharges
  • Secure Refunds From Utility

Utility Cost Analysis – Regulated Territories

  • Evaluate Alternative Tariffs and Pricing Schedules
  • Benchmark Existing Rate Versus Alternatives
  • Assess "Customer Sponsored Rate”
  • Implement Changes with Utility Service Provider
  • Verify and Monitor Changes

Energy Procurement

Deregulated Territory Procurement

  • Supplier Verification and Validation
  • Pursue Sourcing From Verified Suppliers (Marketers)
  • Objective Evaluation of Bid Responses
  • Establish Technical Terms
  • Negotiate with Supplier
  • Confirm and Monitor Negotiated Price

Green Energy Procurement

  • Evaluate Green Alternative Pricing
  • Rationalize Carbon Offset Goals with Green Power Options
  • Identify Local and National Offset Projects
  • Verify Carbon and Pollution Reduction
  • Determine Cost Impact

Energy Optimization

Energy Efficiency Solutions

  • Energy Performance and Efficiency
  • Assess HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration, and Energy Management Systems
  • Assess or Develop Energy Reduction Plan
  • Determine Potential Energy Cost Savings
  • Prioritize Cost-effectiveness of Energy Saving Measures
  • Implement Recommendations to Capture Savings