Insight Enterprises




“Insight engaged Paladin Associates to help identify and drive rapid Indirect Expense cost reductions.  Paladin quickly completed a detailed Spend Analysis of our Indirect Expenses and assisted in prioritizing over 30 projects and sub-projects.  Within eight weeks, Paladin had completed several projects that resulted in immediate savings.  Over the next 10 months Paladin either led, or assisted Insight teammates with numerous projects.

Paladin’s category knowledge, experience, sourcing process and negotiating skills helped Insight reduce contract prices in the following categories: Office Supplies, Office Equipment and Printing costs, Airline Tickets, Rental Cars, Hotel Rooms, Facilities Services, Electrical & Gas Energy, Rx Drug Benefits, and Packaging.

In addition, they improved certain payment processes that significantly reduced annual costs.  Paladin’s fees were based on savings that actually hit our bottom line so we had no risk or negative cash flow.  Paladin provided expert resources, additional time and ‘heavy lifting’ that helped us generate cost reductions more quickly than we could have done on our own.  The savings more than covered their fees and expenses and provided a high return.  This was a very successful initiative for Insight Enterprises”.


Stephen Speidel
Chief Operating Officer
Insight Enterprises
Tempe, Arizona