Success Story - "Energy Invoice Review and ePayment"

Company Description

$400 Million Movie Theatre Chain

Company Situation and Problem

The client was manually paying all utility invoices and as a result was being assessed with late fees almost every month. Also, due to the burdensome tactical processes of keeping up with invoice payment, they had no visibility on which tariffs, rates or pricing schedules they were being billed.

Paladin Actions & Recommendations

An electronic billing processing and payment service was recommended that completely automated the entire process. A thorough utility analysis uncovered that in many cases theatres served by the same utility companies were being charged different rates. Several billing errors, were also discovered and corrected.

Client Results

  • An efficient, automated bill processing and payment system.
  • Erroneous billing errors and refunds of 10%
  • Future savings from rate changes of 24%

Improved Billing Processes Saved Nearly 25%