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The Articles below are based upon Strategic Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain Change Management research conducted by Paladin Associates, Inc. consultants during their work on multiple Client engagements.

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Change Management - "Influencing Change"

Strategic Sourcing


Topic Article Name Author
Change Management Auctions: How Many Bidders Do You Need ? B. Ardell
Reverse Auction Abuses B. Ardell
Bidding Competitive Bids Most Effective in Cost Reduction R. Schlegelmilch
The Rest of the Story B. Ardell
Capital Expenditures Capital Expenditures Project Services J. Wiley Sommerville
Containers Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers  - Double  Digit Savings C. Jostad
Contracts Contract Wisely B. Ardell
Energy Now Is The Time To Source Energy C. Shaw
Understanding Utilities / Energy C. Shaw
Fleet/Vehicles Fleets Start to Consider Electric and Hybrid Vehicles P. Key
Healthcare Increased Cash Flow and Savings for Healthcare Providers L. Fox
Leveraged Agreements Consortium Agreements D. Hoeppner and B. Matthews
Maintenance & Repair
MRO Cost Controls and Cost Drivers H. Fuller
Merchant Credit Card Services Merchant Credit Card Services D. Hoeppner
Negotiating Beware of Bid Shopping B. Ardell and R. Patton
Building Negotiation Strength P. Horgan
Negotiating Tips R. Schlegelmilch
Sourcing Challenge Number One - The Sales Guy P. Horgan
You Have to Ask B. Ardell
Offshoring Low Cost Country Sourcing: Is it still a Viable Option for your Company? Staff
Packaging Don't Get Boxed In" --- (White Paper on Packaging Sourcing Best Practices) B. Ardell
Simplifying a Complex Category S. Avery
Prescription Drugs Savings Where No One Dares to Look …Prescription Drug Benefits R. Schlegelmilch
Print Do You Know Where Your Print Dollars Are Going? C. Jostad
Financial Print C. Jostad
Procurement Marketing Procurement: A Gold Mine for Those Who Take The Right Approach G. Preece
Procurement Consulting Carpe Diem! B. Ardell
What Have You Got To Lose? B. Ardell
Relocation Global Employee Relocation Savings Staff
Specifications Good Specifications: Mandatory for Effective Cost Reduction H. Fuller
Suppliers Know Your Suppliers R. Schlegelmilch
Supplier Diversity L. Fox
Take A Long Term View B. Ardell
Vendor Sales People Have A Different Agenda P. Horgan
Telecom Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Telecom T. Thompson
The Skeptical CIO: Telecom Savings Non-Existent T. Thompson
Uncovering Telecom Savings In  Local Exchange Services T. Thompson
Wireless Costs Detached From Mainstream Cost Containment Processes T. Thompson
Wireless Industry Consolidation: Are You Ready? T. Thompson
Training Training for Procurement Professionals - A Customized Approach R. Patton
Travel Does Your Travel Program Need a Tune Up? C. Jostad and M. Clair