Paladin delivers broad and deep Sourcing, Procurement, Financial, and Operations experience and expertise in many industries

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Paladin delivers broad and deep Sourcing, Procurement, Financial, and Operations experience and expertise in many functions and industries.

Put our depth of expertise and experience to work for your business

Paladin Associates, Inc. is a Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Services company that is staffed by veteran professionals from GE, P&G and other industry leading companies. Each of our Associates has spent over 30 years in their professional careers, bringing an impressive array of expertise and experience in many industries.

We believe our professional and personal values are invaluable to our clients’ business. In an engagement we help our clients identify opportunities, deal with reality, and make improvements quickly and cost effectively.

Paladin's wide array of services and expertise can be tailored to help a broad array of clients in different industries including business owners, investors and management teams who need objective analysis and insight, coupled with practical and affordable solutions that can be implemented in the shortest possible time.

The Paladin Difference

Staffing and Experience
Most Associates are former C-level Executives and have over 30 years of Fortune 500 management experience.

Who Performs the Work
Detail oriented Associates are hands on at client sites and complete the heavy lifting and analysis for each project and engagement.

Customized, prioritized, practical, and affordable solutions that deliver significant results.

Cost Structure
Low Overhead ... Virtual Organization.

Affordable. Driven by Fast Results. Success Fees where practical.

Awards and Recognition

Paladin Associates have received awards and have been recognized for their accomplishments and contributions by many well-known publications and by industry leaders. We’re honored to be recognized for our success as we continue our journey.

Paladin's Fees are based on the Actual Savings so Clients have No Risk or Negative Cash Flow

Success Stories

Paladin partners with our clients to create value by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Sourcing and Procurement Organizations, reducing the cost of purchased goods and services and offering flexible fee structures.