What Makes Paladin Different?

We differ from traditional consulting firms in many important ways: the seniority and expertise of our staff, the way we work, the way we think, the solutions we find, economy of time and cost, and most importantly, the results we deliver.

CategoryPaladin Associates, Inc.Traditional Large Consultants
StaffingExperienced C-level executivesA few senior Partners, and many junior workers with little experience
ExperienceMost consulting executives have over 30 years of GE and F500 C-level Operating Management experiencePartners have consulting experience, and may have some operational expertise, but most workers have little practical experience
Who does the work Detail-oriented consultants are hands-on at client sites and complete the entire engagementJunior workers provide on-site support and are leveraged to support a "Partner Pyramid"
SolutionsCustomized, prioritized, practical, and affordable solutions that deliver significant resultsOften canned, preconceived and generalized consulting is a prelude to software sales or large implementation projects
Cost StructureLow overhead ... Virtual organizationHigh overhead ... Prestigious offices, salaried staff, IT support, "Partner Pyramid"
BillingAffordable. Driven by fast results Success fees where practicalHigh … Driven by billable hours, augmented by product sales and project management fees

"Experience At Work ... Quick Results With Little Risk"