Success Story - "Merger Integration with 13,000 Employees"

Company Description

$4B and $3B Computer Resellers and Systems Integrators

Company Situation and Problem

Acquisition of $4B competitor required 6-month integration with "synergies" of $150M

Paladin Actions & Recommendations

Create merger team with 24 members, one from each company from each of 12 key operating functions. The team would identify redundancies, best practices, and synergies; develop and manage the implementation of merger programs in each area. A merger management and communications function, with previous merger expertise, would coordinate and report on progress.

Client Results

  • The merger teams identified and effectively managed the 12 integration plans to deliver greater than expected savings within a 4-month period.
  • (Information systems integration took 7 months.)
  • Extensive communications successfully addressed cultural integration issues
  • The Company CEO declared the 13,000-person merger complete and successful after 7 months

Complex Merger Achieved in 7 Months