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Influencing Change --- Presentation Video recording


Influencing ChangeWebinarProcurement professional, Barbara Ardell, examines procurement's change challenges and overviews the high the cost of failure.  She introduces a groundbreaking change methodology, Influencer, which is documented in the NY Times bestseller by the same name.  Barbara explains why the Influencer methodology, named 2009 Change Management Product of the Year by MIT/Sloan Management Review, is both different from and superior to traditional change management approaches.  She introduces the key components of the Influencer methodology and provides numerous procurement-related application examples.

Speaker: Barbara Ardell

Duration: 53 minutes

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Influencing Change --- Podcast


Barbara ArdellIn this podcast, Barbara Ardell and Thomas Kase examine the numerous and complex change challenges faced by today’s procurement professionals. Barbara outlines the cost of failure and describes why today’s procurement leaders must get better at managing change. She also introduces a ground-breaking change methodology, Influencer, which is based on the NY Times Bestseller by the same name. Influencer was named change management product of the year in 2009 by MIT/Sloan Management Review. Barbara further articulates specifics around why Influencer is both different from and superior to traditional change management, and she shares some client comments regarding the benefits of Paladin’s Influencing Change workshop which is geared specifically towards procurement professionals.

Speaker: Barbara Ardell VP - Paladin Associates Inc.

Interviewer: Thomas Kase- Principal Analyst - Spend Matters

Duration: 28 minutes

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Revolutionizing eSourcing Adoption --- Report


PremiumTo keep pace with competition and deliver against strategic objectives Procurement must employ state-of-the art technologies.  History has proven that eSourcing is among the most powerful Procurement solutions, offering compelling ROIs when compared to other enterprise-level applications.   Despite overwhelming evidence of eSourcing benefits, organizations still face significant adoption challenges.

This paper examines a revolutionary change management approach: Influencer.  Ground-breaking research conducted by VitalSmarts sheds light on eSourcing adoption challenges.  The principles and skills presented in their New York Times bestseller, Influencer, provide a comprehensive change management methodology, and may well be the solution for lasting positive change.

Authors: Barbara Ardell and David Maxfield

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How to 10X Your Influence --- Article


10X Your InfluenceThe most common mistake leaders make is that they look for easy solutions to solve their complex organizations problems. Unfortunately, most quick fixes don’t work because the problem is rarely fed by a single cause. Influencers succeed where others fail because they “overdetermine” success. Instead of focusing on a single root cause, they address all the root causes by combining a critical mass of influence strategies.

We have documented the success of this multi-pronged approach across organizational levels and across different problem domains. And while the results are impressive, they do not rely on an obscure calculus—if anything, they are built on simple arithmetic. Effective influencers drive change by relying on six different sources of influence strategies at the same time. Those who succeed predictably and repeatedly don’t differ from others by degrees. They differ exponentially. Our research shows, those who understand how to combine all six sources of influence are up to ten times more successful at producing substantial and sustainable change.

Authors: Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Andrew Shimberg

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