Office Supplies & Products

Two Actively Managed Office Product Suppliers

Key Features

Pricing – Best In Class

  • Extensive Core list of over 3000 items
  • Price changes rigorously monitored; often negotiated away
  • Free next day delivery


  • Industry leader in IT infrastructure – integrated platform across business lines
  • Online Ordering with Customized Site

Business Lines – One Stop Shop

  • Office Products including Break room and Cleaning Supplies
  • Contract Furniture
  • Technology Equipment
  • Printing
  • Promotional Items

Retail Program & Employee Purchase Program – Over 2000 stores worldwide

  • Register cards (Retail Program) receive lower of contract or in-store pricing
  • Ideal for remote employees

Account Management

  • Local Sales Representative, with direct oversight by National Account
  • Customer-designed reporting available
  • Customer reviews at a frequency defined by customer


  • Two Leveraged Purchase Agreements ensure competitive pricing, client choice and supplier backup
  • Client has direct relationship with supplier
  • Total annual volume over $60 Million … Over 200 companies participating
  • Aggregated volume offers LPA Participants best-in-class pricing and service
  • Pricing Structure covers all available supplier items within and outside the Standard Catalogs
  • Typical Member savings range from 10% to 30% … Free shipping – next day delivery
  • Best-in-class service and support, regardless of Fast Start-Up
  • Typical Savings from 10% to 30%