• Strategic Sourcing
  • Fleet Management
  • Accounting & Legal Services
  • HR & Finance Services
  • IT & Other Professional Services
  • Packaging & Warehousing
  • Supply Chain & Distribution Services
  • Finance & Operations
  • Six Sigma Quality
  • Facilities & Security
  • Crisis Management
  • Acquisition Integration


  • BA, Eastern Kentucky University
  • GE Financial Mgmt. Program
  • Quality Six Sigma Black Belt

Senior Vice President of Paladin Associates and seasoned senior executive with over 30 years of multi-functional leadership in manufacturing, construction, security, sales and distribution, financial services and information technology services.


  • North American CPO for global meter manufacturing company
  • VP of Sourcing, Facilities, Security, and Crisis Management for GE Information Technology Solutions
  • As GE Appliance Distribution Services CFO, created and directed transportation negotiation strategy, delivering over $200 million in operating savings
  • Implemented Strategic Sourcing processes aligning suppliers with strategic company goals
  • Introduced and implemented Six Sigma sourcing and “Bullet Train” processes for purchases to reduce waste and supplier billing rates
  • Reduced direct material costs by 24%, while developing new supply chains and overseeing the relocation of Plant Operations to Mexico
  • Led several successful Information Systems implementations
  • Implemented digitized ERP and purchasing processes including e-Sourcing, EDI, EFT, P-card and e P-card
  • Recent Client Project results:
    • Packaging -reduced costs by over 25%
    • Contract Fleet Mgmt Services -reduced costs 20%
    • Tax/Accounting Services -reduced costs 26%
      • Plus New supplier identified savings of over $1Million
    • Legal Services -reduced costs 20%
    • Credit/Debit Card Services –reduced costs 62%