• Sourcing Technologies
  • E-Sourcing
  • Sourcing Skills Training
  • Sourcing Strategy
  • Packaging Expert
  • Chemicals Expert
  • Plastics Expert
  • Nonwovens Expert
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Quality & SQC


  • BA, Columbia University
  • Xavier University MBA Program

Robert J. Patton

Exceptional manager with over 33 years of purchasing experience as part of Procter & Gamble’s global purchasing organization spanning diverse product categories and all geographic regions.


  • Highly effective strategist, innovator and trainer leveraging strong analytical, forecasting, and modeling skills to deliver outstanding results when sourcing complex categories.
  • Championed the use of total quality principles, statistical methods and constraint management to drive cost and inefficiency out of supply chains.
  • Developed first comprehensive worldwide sourcing skills curriculum for P&G
  • Deep industry knowledge and experience in sourcing chemicals and chemical derivatives which has led to development of in-depth forecasting models used to achieve world-class pricing
  • A Pioneer of e-Sourcing at Procter & Gamble
  • Developed “should cost” model that saved over $5MM in its first application
  • Expert in process re-engineering
  • Proven cross-functional collaborator
  • Significantly improved speed-to-market for multiple products
  • Designed and launched highly successful internet web site for potential suppliers
  • Expert panelist for Institute of Supply Management
  • Guest lecturer on Negotiation Skill Training at Florida A&M University
  • Recipient of P&G’s prestigious Phoenix Award for exceptional leadership, innovation and mastery in purchasing and strategic sourcing