• Sourcing Technologies
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Outsourcing
  • Cost Reduction
  • Finance
  • Controllership
  • P & L Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Construction Cost Analysis
  • System Design
  • Operations
  • Business Development
  • Acquisition Integration


  • BBA, University of Cincinnati
  • MBA. Xavier (Ohio) University
  • GE Financial Management
  • GE Leadership Training

Howard L. Fuller

Senior Paladin Associate focusing on Financial and Sourcing cost reductions. Specializes in finding savings opportunities for Maintenance and Repair Operations (MRO) expenditures, a critical and often neglected area due to the large number of items & suppliers plus the scarcity of reliable data.


  • Successfully completed projects for Indirect and Direct Spend categories for manufacturing companies and non-profits
  • Expertise in multiple e-Sourcing tools - IASTA's SmartSource SRM, CombineNet's Optimization software and Procuri/Ariba's Sourcing Solutions.
  • 33 years of financial experience with GE
  • Financial leader for the 2 largest plant investments in GE’s history in Alabama, securing state incentives while enabling economic and educational opportunities
  • Established financial operating structure and negotiated contracts for major direct/indirect materials for grassroots GE Plastics Polycarbonate Plant in Burkville, AL
  • Negotiated with State of Alabama agencies for bonds to finance $715 million plant investments
  • Developed capital investment cost control system resulting in underrun of $20 million on a $315 million plant expansion
  • Provided financial leadership in establishing Joint Ventures, grassroots facilities and plants expansions
  • As VP-Finance for GE Lighting Systems, changed state of incorporation, resulting in multimillion dollar tax savings
  • Led conversion of GE Lighting Systems ledger, purchasing, payables, intracompany billing and T&L systems to corporate systems with little to no disruptions to the business
  • As Sourcing leader, implemented strategies resulting in savings of $5 to $15 million annually
  • Established joint ventures for GE in Mexico and Texas to produce lighting fixtures
  • In finance and accounting roles, contributed to improved plant capacity, productivity, working capital improvements, cash management and income optimization