• Sourcing
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Distribution
  • DOT regulations
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Small Package
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Cost Reduction


  • BSBA, Northeastern University
  • IATA/FIATA International Air Cargo Program
  • Endicott College, Business Leadership Management Certificate Program
  • Cargo Network Service Boston Logan Airport

David J. DiSanto

Expertise that is coupled with over 30 years in Supply Chain, Corporate Management and Inter-Company consulting , both from manufacturing distribution and third party service provider perspective


  • Co-founding member and Chairman of ITW Construction Products Logistics Council in U.S. from 1989-1997 which represented 37% of ITW business units gross sales.
  • Introduced and assisted in implementation of JIT manufacturing, TQM techniques in manufacturing, distribution and customer service functions. Restructured and reorganized business logistics to be more team focused and profitable.
  • Logistics Consulting & implementation of strategies within Illinois Tool Works decentralized business units. Optimized transportation & distribution in both North America and Europe.
  • Implemented "zone skip" and “cross docking” operation for fitness machine provider, reducing distribution costs by $280k and improving delivery standards to both retail and consumer sector.
  • Assisted major retailer/manufacturer in Northeast in realizing savings of 10% ($400K annually) in small package freight savings and process improvements.
  • Designed and developed major market “pool distribution” utilizing line hauls with scheduled release dates, eliminating 12 satellite warehouses and inventory. Cost savings exceeding $800k.
  • Reduction of distribution and transportation spend overall with Supply Chain Management service level improvements.
  • Team building and educating on-site personnel from within and re-alignment of current logistics networks, IRI (identify-recommend-implement) while allowing the business unit to identify and eliminate "logistical logjams" all geared to customer satisfaction and cost reduction.