• Sourcing
  • e-Sourcing
  • Cost Reduction
  • Spend Analysis
  • Six Sigma Quality
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • System Conversions
  • Acquisition Integration


  • BA, Augsburg College
  • MBA, Regent University
  • Six Sigma Quality Green Belt

Cherryl K. Jostad

Experienced Sourcing Professional with over 30 years experience in Accounting/Finance, Sourcing, Quality, Administration and Acquisition Integration


  • Industry experience includes information technology services, financial services, building materials, consumer products, chemicals, transportation
  • Proven results for Paladin clients in categories as diverse as chemicals (9-23%), managed print services (10-25+%), flexible intermediate bulk containers (19%), office equipment and supplies( 10-21%), contingent labor (10-12%), travel management services (5-10%), financial print (>30%), hotels (25-50%), physical exams(10-12%), drug and background checks (27-32%), and relocation (15%+)
  • Consolidated from 10 suppliers to 1, moved from individual copier leases and desktop printers to managed print solution with savings over 25%; 80% fleet refresh during the first year, and comprehensive consolidation of model types
  • Led 20-person cross-functional contingent labor team that transformed 100% manual process to digitized process while saving 18% and consolidating supply base by 98%
  • Led multi-business travel project that identified a travel management company able to provide improved service with reduced transaction costs. Project also achieved additional air and hotel discounts via spend aggregation
    Conducted multi-business financial print project realizing 45+% savings
  • For a large client, discovered unleveraged early pay discounts leading to thousands in cost savings.
  • Achieved 17% reduction in search firm fees while reducing supply base by 36%