Press Release – April 2017

Donald J. Hoeppner selected as a
Pro to Know by Supply and Demand Chain Executive

Paladin Associates is proud to announce that its Co-Founder and Executive Partner has been named as a Supply and Demand Chain Executive “2017 Provider Pro to Know”. This Award recognizes Supply Chain management leaders for their achievements advancing the supply operations of their clients.

Don Hoeppner is being recognized for Paladin’s outstanding accomplishments delivering cost savings and significant productivity benefits to numerous mid-market companies. Paladin has assisted clients in reducing costs, improving service levels, contract terms, and procurement processes while also strengthening relationships with current suppliers.

“This recognition is a special honor for the entire Paladin Team”, says Hoeppner. “Each of our Associates has extensive business experience and expertise and is empowered to address and help solve our clients’ unique challenges, provide our clients the ideas, guidance, support, in depth analysis, best practices, and resources to deliver significant cost reductions and process improvements that improve our clients’ operating results, increases cash flow and maximizes shareholder value.”

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Toi Clarke Jones speaks on Influencing Change

Toi Clarke Jones will be speaking on “Influencing Change: The Solution to Supply Chain’s Change Challenges” at the Annual ISM Conference in Orlando in May.

This session examines supply chain change challenges and enumerates the high cost of failure. It introduces the groundbreaking change methodology, Influencer, as documented in the New York Times bestseller of the same name.

Toi Jones, a seasoned procurement professional, explains why the Influencer methodology, named “Change Management Product of the Year” by MIT/Sloan Management Review, is both different from and superior to traditional change management approaches. She introduces the key components of the Influencer methodology and provides procurement-related application examples.

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Medical Insurance Policy Services

Companies need to review the services that medical brokers and insurance companies provide on a regular basis to control costs and continuously improve processes and services. Health insurance offerings are complex and require specific expertise to manage effectively and efficiently.Paladin’s Strategic Insurance Partner assists clients to determine their optimal cost structure, plan design, and servicing needs. Information such as plan descriptions, loss data, premiums, historical costs and contract details must be compiled. This data is used as bench marking criteria to compare the client’s insurance portfolio characteristics to national peers in order to solicit proposals for competitive bids.

Read a Success Story about a Commercial Fleet Management Company that obtained a better insurance policy for 15% lower premiums.

Deposit Recovery Services

Over $990 Billion of Unclaimed Deposits Are in State Coffers
How Much Are Yours?

These may include Equipment Lease Deposits, Facility Rental Deposits, Utility Deposits, Insurance Policies and more. Businesses Fail to Claim Deposits Because of Shifts in Ownership, Lost Paperwork, Address Changes or Payment Errors.

Our Solution Partner has Certified and Registered Access to U.S. State and Federal Databases with a streamlined process to ensure that deposits are discovered, claims are filed, and funds are collected.

Clients Start Receiving Funds Three Months after Filing Claims.

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