Press Release – August 2006

Press Release


“Former Procuri VP joins Paladin Associates”

August 2006

Barbara M. Ardell has joined Paladin Associates Inc, where she will lead their eProcurement practice.
Ms. Ardell was previously VP of Sourcing Solutions for Procuri, Inc., a leading provider of sourcing solutions and software enabling clients to save money by better managing their procurement operations. While at Procuri, she assisted clients in formulating solutions to address complex sourcing needs, benchmarked, consulted on, and trained Sourcing organizations in utilizing Procuri’s eProcurement
tools.Procuri, Inc is a Solution Partner of Paladin Associates, an Atlanta-based consulting firm whose services include strategic sourcing consulting and cost reduction programs. To better ensure clients excellent return on their investments with little risk, Paladin is generally compensated based on the actual savings they deliver. So, if they deliver no savings, their clients pay no fees!Paladin Associates often uses Procuri tools to provide more complete solutions to their clients.

At Paladin, Ms. Ardell will continue to work closely with Procuri, while leading Paladin’s eProcurement practice – helping clients use the power of the Internet and software tools to manage eRFXs, eAuctions
and other strategic sourcing events while assisting clients in creating more professional and effective procurement organizations.

“We believe Barbara’s joining Paladin will not only improve our effective relationship with Procuri”,
says Don Hoeppner, Partner, “but will also add tremendous expertise and leadership to our rapidly
growing Sourcing practice.”

Prior to Paladin and Procuri, Ms. Ardell founded and operated a consulting and training firm, and had
a 20-year sourcing management career with Procter & Gamble. She can be contacted at:
About Paladin Associates Inc.:

Paladin Associates is an Atlanta-based management-consulting firm led by a team of former
GE executives with over 500 years of financial and operating experience in a variety of industries,
specializing in productivity and profitability improvement. Paladin offers Strategic Sourcing, Telecommunications Sourcing, Marketing & Sales Productivity, Financial Management, Six Sigma Quality Management, Mergers & Acquisitions Support, HR Productivity, and Interim C-level Management.

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