Press Release – December 2004

Press Release


"Many Companies Need Marketing and Sales "Tune-ups"

Atlanta, GA, December 2004…

Despite the economic recovery, many companies are not enjoying economic growth. So Paladin Associates Inc. an Atlanta-based management-consulting firm, has introduced Marketing & Sales
Tune-ups, a consulting service designed for clients who have not regained pre-recession growth rates. "Everything has changed since 2000, and companies should reevaluate their marketing and sales strategies, offerings, personnel and processes. With the improved economy, some companies are now ‘pushing the growth starter button’, but nothing is happening", says Pat Horgan, Partner, Paladin Associates Inc., a former senior marketing and sales executive at GE and five other Fortune 500 companies. "An independent Tune-up assesses key areas of marketing and sales to identify issues and opportunities, getting a company rapidly back on the growth track."

While many companies have improved corporate profits through technology and cost reduction,
experts are still concerned about actual organic revenue growth.

In Beyond the Core, Chris Zook of Bain & Co. states, "Growth is the biggest challenge that CEO’s
face. It’s the No.1 issue on their minds right now."

Yet Fortune reports that, "only 9% of 8,000 companies Bain studied have grown revenues and
profits more than 5.5% during the past 10 years… nearly ¾ said that finding new growth will be
the most difficult in their history."

Many companies have lost critical marketing and sales personnel in recent years, not to mention
changes in the market, competitors and customers. What worked well in the past may not work
at all today.

A Paladin Marketing & Sales Tune-up critically assesses up to 20 key areas of Marketing & Sales,
including strategy, organization, practices and processes in up to 20 key areas to identify
root-causes of issues, and recommend objective, practical, affordable actions for rapid results.

About Paladin Associates Inc.:
Paladin Associates Inc. is an Atlanta-based management-consulting firm led by a team of former
GE executives with over 230 years of financial and operating experience in a variety of industries,
specializing in productivity and profitability improvement. In addition to Marketing & Sales expertise,
Paladin offers Strategic Sourcing, Financial Management, Global Processing, Six Sigma Quality
Management, Mergers & Acquisitions Support, Telecommunications Audits, HR Productivity
Practices, and Interim C-level Management.

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