Press Release – April 2007

Press Release


“Many Companies Leaving Money on the Table”

Atlanta, GA, April 2007

Despite major emphasis on cost-reduction, many companies do an incomplete job of rooting out unnecessary costs – often working effectively in only one area or one business function, while bypassing others.“Many concentrate on Sourcing functions to reduce cost of purchased goods and services, but ignore other important areas not typically managed by Procurement, such as IT, HR, and Marketing & Sales, leaving significant pockets of cost unscrutinized, and money on the table”, says Pat Horgan, Partner, Paladin Associates, a former senior marketing and sales executive at GE and five other Fortune 500 companies. “These functional costs are harder to get at, requiring very specific expertise as well as financial skills. It is not as straightforward as addressing the supply chain, but they can be significantly reduced, and performance even improved.” Thorough cost-reduction means addressing all major areas of cost, not just one or two functions. That’s why Paladin provides cost-reduction expertise in numerous functions – specialized functional skills and insights to effectively reduce costs in IT, HR, and Marketing & Sales. Since functional skill sets, personalities, and risks to the company are diverse by function, one method just does NOT fit all.  
 provides C-level functional experts with a track record of significant cost reduction AND functional performance, to assist clients in getting at difficult, even risky cost issues. “Many shy away from addressing Marketing & Sales”, Horgan points out. “A mistake here can cripple a company’s growth engine.  Yet M&S as a function is notorious for lack of fiscal controls and measurements. With the correct approach, this function can typically be streamlined, better focused, cost reduced and simultaneously improved.”

In a Marketing Effectiveness AssessmentPaladin reviews strategy, alignment, organizational structure, MarCom effectiveness, T&L administration, sales compensation, sales force performance, and other key areas. Says Horgan, “It is not unusual to find cost reductions AND produce performance improvements of greater than 25%, even within organizations that may be performing at an ‘acceptable’ level.”

Paladin prefers to work closely with existing management to achieve win-win scenarios, not adversaries.  Paladin has proven methodologies for significant cost reduction in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Human Relations, and Marketing & Sales, as well as Sourcing and Procurement.

About Paladin Associates Inc.:

Paladin Associates is an Atlanta-based management-consulting firm led by a team of former
GE executives with over 500 years of financial and operating experience in a variety of industries,
specializing in productivity and profitability improvement. Paladin offers Strategic Sourcing, Telecommunications Sourcing, Marketing & Sales Productivity, Financial Management, Six Sigma Quality Management, Mergers & Acquisitions Support, HR Productivity, and Interim C-level Management.

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