Success Story - "Workplace Services"

Company Description

  • Large private University in the U.S.

Company Situation and Problem

Objective was to reduce the overall costs for Workplace Services on the campus. Overall spend was believed to be in excess of $1.5 Million on an annual basis.

  • “Workplace Services” include facility-related services such as Space Design, Office Moves, Furniture Installation, Refurbishment and Disposition, Warehousing, Distribution Services and Asset Management.

Paladin Actions & Recommendations

  • Paladin worked with the Client to identify all direct costs for Workplace Services.
  • By categorizing and analyzing expenditures the costs for Workplace Services were determined to be $3 Million, double the original estimate.
  • Spending Decisions were made by 20 individual departments or groups with little communication on projects, vendors and Best Practices.

Paladin Recommendations

  • Develop a University-wide policy for the contracting of Workplace Services
  • Open up lines of communication between Departments to share information and Best Practices
  • Leverage the $3 Million in spend to contract with Best In Class Providers at Best In Class Pricing
  • Effectively utilize the existing University maintenance staff to perform some of the work on campus
  • Utilize supplier expertise to develop a more cost effective program


  • Developed a universal Scope of Services accepted by all Departments
  • Researched the market for single-source suppliers
  • Issued an RFP for the $3 Million in Workplace Services

Client Results

  • After a significant amount of Due Diligence was performed with bidding suppliers, including Best & Final Presentations and Site Visits, the University developed a contract with Best In Class Terms & Conditions and a strict Service Level Agreement
  •  A single point of contact was named and that individual’s staff helps coordinate all activity for the University making the process as seamless and cost effective as possible

In 3 Years the University Saved Approximately $1 Million from Best Practices Implemented and Cost Savings Realized from Leveraging Their Spend