Vendor Credit Recovery Services

Money that lives outside your systems

Discover and Recover Unapplied Supplier Credits

Working with our clients’ suppliers we research credits, overpayments, and misapplied or duplicate payments on Supplier records which do not appear on clients’ accounts payable reports.

Vendor Credit Recovery is an established process to capture dollars rightfully due to your organization which suppliers want to refund.

Paladin Associates will extend your accounting team’s reach to recover unapplied supplier credits, improve on-going controls and increase governance of payment processes.


Paladin will audit your vendor’s billing systems in conjunction with your accounting team.

  • Validate transactions that have the greatest opportunity for error in the client’s payment systems
  • Develop customized client letters to solicit information from vendors
  • Uncover credits, overpayments, unapplied cash, rebates and duplicate payments within vendor accounting systems
  • Document claims and review with the client
  • Implement processes to deduct credits from amounts due to vendors

Successful audits yield recoveries of $500,000 to $1,000,000
annually for each $1 billion of annual spend