Telecom/Data Infrastructure Expenses

Audits and Negotiations Yield Savings

Companies frequently do not adequately manage their Telecom and Data Infrastructure costs.

Many Telecom services (voice/data/wireless) are improperly configured, may be on inappropriate plans, do not reflect a consolidated spend, may not be satisfying annual commitments, or may be over-billed by the carriers.

Telecom audits and carrier negotiations typically yield substantial savings.

Paladin’s Productivity team assists clients in the following ways:

Invoice and Contract Reviews

  • Analyzes billing accuracy and contract compliance

Build Inventory of In-Scope Services

  • Categorizes each type of service by speed/configuration/price, etc.

Benchmark Pricing Reviews

  • Compare current spend with unit level market pricing
  • Based on best-in-class pricing, estimate potential savings available through renegotiations

Sourcing and Negotiation Strategy

  • Develop an optimum strategy consistent with client’s needs
  • Implement manual or electronic e-auction processes
  • Leverage incumbents with potential new suppliers

Negotiate/Implement New Contract and Pricing

  • Direct or support supplier negotiations
  • Establish ideal contract terms (“The Perfect MSA Terms”)
  • Fast-track contract changes and validate new pricing