Success Story - "Cell Phone and Mobility Services Optimization"

Company Description

A World Leader in Nutritional Solutions and Additives for Animal Feed

Company Situation and Problem

  • Client had a number of Company Paid cell phones and mobility devices for senior management, sales, and customer service employees
  • Client had negotiated a corporate contract with two leading US Carriers
  • Costs were monitored closely and unused lines were disconnected quickly

Paladin Actions & Recommendations

  • Paladin reviewed and analyzed monthly invoice charges against contract prices.
  • Paladin applied special discounts and volume rates that were available but unknown to the client
  • Paladin analyzed actual monthly usage by line and eliminated charges for unused feature and services
  • Paladin recommended and Client selected lowest cost carrier that provided the coverage required for each line

Client Results

  • Reduced monthly Cell Phone and Mobility Charges by 49%
  • No Changes were made to the Carrier Contracts
  • No Changes were required to Employee Equipment

Significant Reduction in Mobility Costs without making changes in Contracts or Equipment … Increased Employee Satisfaction and Reduced Management Review Effort