Mobility and Cellphone Optimization


What is it?

Leveraging extensive cellular industry experience and pricing knowledge, we provide a set of services, which focus entirely on reducing and managing corporate and institutional wireless costs without changing carriers, effecting current contracts and receive bill directly from carrier(s).

Where is it?

Most of the savings are derived from unpublished rates, leveraging unique rate structures, and utilizing promotional discounts which the carriers do not openly share in the market place.

How quickly will you see the savings?

Typically within 6 weeks from engagement we are implementing the cost savings measures with the vendor, demonstrating savings on the bill copies within 1-2 bill cycles of the project kick-off.

Our Solution Partner Targets at Least 10% in Savings … The Average is 27% in Savings, and for Clients with TEM Solutions or 3rd Party Relationships the Average is Still over 32% ... Without Changing Carriers or Contracts