Success Story - "Marketing Procurement"

Company Description

National, mid-size B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business) marketer of branded products for outdoor living spaces and pets

Company Situation and Problem

Intense competitive pressure and the ongoing push for improved marketing return on investment drove the company to reevaluate agency and marketing supplier agreements.

The company was pleased with its current agencies and suppliers, but wanted to ensure they were price competitive and efficient.

Paladin Actions & Recommendations

Paladin worked with the client to aggregate and consolidate various statements of work and then benchmarked the cost elements and work practices against industry best practices and rates.

Several areas of opportunity were identified:

  • Agency resource allocation
  • Agency Rates/Management Time and Fees
  • Work process improvements to leverage new technologies

Client Results

Armed with Paladin’s perspective and data, during a single meeting with the incumbents the client was able to negotiate:

  • A 5.7% cost reduction
  • A lower base for the upcoming fiscal year’s fee negotiations
  • Exploration of alternative work processes

Review of industry costs and practices resulted in lower costs, improved processes, and maintenance of excellent relationships with incumbent suppliers!