Service: eSourcing

eSourcing is a proven methodology for delivering increased sourcing savings and improved sourcing efficiency. It involves the use of web-based tools to conduct strategic sourcing events and related activities, including requirements definition, assessment of non-price criteria, internal and external collaboration, tendering, negotiation, and contract award. eSourcing speeds processes, saving time, money and personnel. Paladin has extensive experience and success with both Strategic Sourcing and eSourcing. We can help strategize, coach, manage, and train for successful eSourcing.

Paladin experts can ensure professional implementation of eSourcing events through:

  • eSourcing Strategy
  • Proof of Concept / Quick Start
  • Coached Events (knowledge transfer to your staff)
  • Managed (Outsourced) Events
  • Revitalization / Results Acceleration
  • eSourcing & Change Management Training
  • Executive Briefings: Strategizing for Success (goals, measures, structure & processes)
  • Basic Training (Strategy, tactics, processes)
  • Advanced Training (Surveys, templates, optimization)

eSourcing Client Outcomes