Audit and Recovery Programs

Uncover and Recover Amounts Due

  • Proven Audit Processes and Full Recovery Services
  • Assistance with Collection of Amounts Due
  • Fees based on Actual Recoveries and Paid by Suppliers
  • Professional Audit Process does not damage Supplier Relationships
  • No Client Risk

Vendor Credit Recovery

  • Supplier Audit and Recovery Program
  • Supplier Account Statement Reconciliation Process

Occupancy Cost Recovery

  • Complete Lease Audit and Expense Verification
  • Process

Contingent Labor Review

  • Complete Contract and Invoice Audit

Telecomm Audit and Pay

  • Complete Audit of Contracts and Invoices

Freight Audit and Pay

  • Freight Invoice Audits for Rates and Service Delivery

Energy Audit and Pay

  • Energy Invoices Audited against Contracts
  • Reviewed for Potential Tariff Changes and Other Rate Reductions

Sales and Use Tax Audit and Recovery

  • Tax Recovery and Tax Audit Reviews

Credit Card Interchange Fee Recovery

  • Class Action Law Suit Claim Services … Retroactive 9 year Recovery Program

Property Sales and Leaseback Services

  • Generate Cash from Owned Facilities
  • Full Value Appraisals and Market Interest Rates

Other Class Action Law Suit Claim Processing and Recovery