Merchant Credit Card Processing

Paladin can reduce
payment acceptance
and Credit Card
Processing Fees …
Typical Savings of
15% to 25% or more!


Merchants can continue to accept Payments Anywhere,
Anytime, Anyway Customers prefer to pay … in person,
online, or on the go … at Lower Costs

Select from a Menu of Products and Services for all of your Payment Processing and Financial Reporting needs.

Flexible Pricing

  • Reduce costs with clear, simple, straightforward, and unique pricing options
  • Our team will work with you to choose a plan that fits your individual business needs

Fast Funding

  • Take advantage of fast funding process options
  • Faster Access to funds means increased cash flow, which helps you invest in your business for the future

Fast Funding

  • Use an online reporting tool to view statements and customized reports
  • Earn statement credits through a merchant referral program