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"Cost Reduction"  Success Stories

Paladin Associates Inc. has helped Company Owners, Operating Management, and Service Providers identify and solve numerous issues, and save millions of dollars. We have many Success Stories to illustrate our methodologies and results.

Here are a representative few examples in the Cost Reduction area. More are available upon request:
= Workplace Services
= Marketing Procurement
= Security Services
= Janitorial Services
= Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
= Fleet Management
= Chemicals
= Packaging Materials
= Travel Management
= Employee Prescription Drug Benefit Program
= Purchasing Consolidation
= Reducing Raw Material Costs
= Management of Temporary Employees
= MRO - Maintenance Repair Operations
= Utility Cost Reduction Programs
= Energy / Utility - Rate Review & Consolidation
= Energy / Utility - Invoice Review and ePayment
= Energy / Utility  - Rate and Tariff Analysis
= Reducing Factory MRO Expense
= Minimizing Express Air Costs
= Reducing Sheet Metal Parts Costs
= Telecom Cost Reductions I
= Telecom Cost Reductions II

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