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Service: Manufacturing Assessments

Effective, efficient, and most importantly, competitive manufacturing requires careful integration with other corporate functions, efficient processes, and world class cost management. Manufacturing is often the largest cost center in the organization, building products specified by Marketing, designed by Engineering, utilizing materials purchased by Sourcing , sold by Sales and/or distribution, and requiring these and many other components to work effectively together to insure product quality, on time delivery, and a cost structure that is competitive and profitable.

Experienced Paladin manufacturing experts provide objective root-cause analysis of problems and opportunities for improvement across the entire range of manufacturing operations including:

= Organization review to insure effective control and structure
= Supervisory evaluation
= Process control
= Labor controls, compensation and labor utilization
= Integration of sourcing and manufacturing requirements
= Quality review and assessment
= Cost controls and system evaluations
= Waste control and review of systems
= Cost reduction potential based on organization, labor, material, and waste review

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