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Success Stories
Paladin consolidated energy purchases for over 100 facilities of a Real Estate Investment Trust, saving over 30% for the Deregulated Facilities and 12% for the Regulated Facilities. More…
Paladin saved 37% in telecom costs for a major wire and cable manufacturer, avoiding anticipated cost increases, just one year after the client had renegotiated the contract. More…
Paladin saved a Fortune 500 company 25% on Express Air Freight, then consolidated other modes of transportation to secure another 12% savings. More…



Risk Free Sourcing Driven Cost Reduction

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Led by former GE and P&G operating executives, Paladin Associates Inc. teams with corporations and private equity investors to improve productivity and profitability.

Since 2001 Paladin has 100% success delivering double-digit cost reduction. We work for a percentage of actual savings – if we don’t deliver, the client pays no fees!

Our state-of-the-art Spend Analysis prioritizes opportunities. We generally start in Sourcing, then other functions as necessary.

Paladin seeks win-win solutions to simultaneously reduce costs and enhance management control and results. We enjoy making heroes out of everyone we work with.

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